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September 21 2017

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Reblog the gay d20 for good luck on all your LGBTInteractions™

This is probably my favorite thing anyone’s done to a post of mine and I’m proud of my little d20 for helping people crit their dreams

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Ace / Aro visibility in Bojack Horseman! It’s great to not only see an ace main character in the show, but an entire ace community filled with people with different ace experiences. I like how the writers included a scene that explained some of the nuances of asexuality / aromanticism, as it helps break the stereotype that no ace would ever want to enter a relationship. One thing I would comment on is that asexual means “not experiencing sexual attraction” over “not interested in sex.” It’s possible to be a sex-positive asexual!

September 17 2017


As a person who is definitely going to need my own health insurance eventually and will probably rely on it a lot, it has always terrified me because I never really understood how it works and how to use it, or how it is going to work in the future. If you are in the same boat as me, please give the “Health Insurance” episode of Sawbones a listen! Sydnee does a really good job of explaining the history of health care in terms that are easy to understand, and from a trusted, educated source. And! She explains how the ACA worked and what will change if (when) its repealed. 

I would highly recommend the entire podcast, but especially this episode because it is so relevant!


james barry (a likely trans man) once struck a person with a horse whip when they suggested he was a woman and i think that should be my newest reaction to being misgendered


anybody else’s brain kinda… short circuit when Griffin stopped the narrative of the podcast to explicitly state that Lup was trans? but not in a bad way!! i was just so totally baffled, that when he says “Lup was assigned male at birth…” my brain was like…? what am i hearing? am i hearing this?? is this real life?

Griffin Andrew McElroy made it explicitly clear that there is a trans character that is pertinent to the narrative he’s telling. he didn’t JK Rowling it and go “of course we have a trans character…. didn’t you know *spins wheel with characters on it* Lup was trans this whole time??” when asked about diversity. he didn’t make a big deal about it either!!! he calmly explained it to his family as a part of Lup and Taako’s backstory.

now lemme tell you… if i had been listening to that episode in private? i would have cried. fuck, i cried tears of fuckin joy in my car on the way to the gym thinking about the fact that one of my favourite fucking characters is canonically trans.

anyways i love Lup so much this has been a PSA


me: oh man i love lup so much

griffin: btw shes trans



a concept: everyone in the ipre is trans. all of them.

theyre all at different stages in their transitions, and they all want different things. and over a hundred years they teach each other (and they learn, because everyone has preconcieved notions) that whoever they are is okay, and that however much they need to do to feel comfortable is okay.


Trans Lup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Trans girl Lup is canon and I’ve never been happier.


“Lup was assigned male at birth and transitioned at a young age”



God bless the mcelroys for singlehandedly saving my life w trans Lup confirmed

merle's xtreme teen bible but every page just says "lup is trans"

September 07 2017

10 Tips for Recovering from Chest Surgery


I decided to compile some tips that I found helpful when recovering from chest surgery. I tried to think of things that aren’t are the average lists. 

1. Laxatives: Start taking laxatives 2 days before surgery and continue when you get home from surgery for about a week post op. 

2. Arnica: Start taking arnica tablets about a week before surgery and continue when you get home from surgery. Arnica helps reduce swelling and bruising. 

3. Pillows: If you have a recliner that is ideal but if you don’t then using a bunch of pillows to keep yourself propped up in bed is necessary. Also keep ones under your butt to help with back pain and under your elbows. 

4. Gravol: If you’re driving more than just a couple minutes you will probably feel really sick on your way back. Gravol helps keep the nausea down. Just double check with the nurse that it won’t interfere with any of your medication. 

5. Pill chart and alarms: It can be hard to remember when and what you took. My partner was great at having an alarm set on her phone and writing down what I took and when. 

6. Protein: Protein helps the body heal and helps keep you full which is really important especially if you can’t eat a lot after. Try making smoothies with protein powder and protein bars.

7. Deodorant Wipes: I found a pack of these in the travel section of the drug store and they were good because for over a week I wasn’t allowed to shower and it was horrible but this made it slightly less horrible.

8. Melatonin: For the first while the T3s helped me sleep but after I was off then I had a hard time getting comfortable since I don’t normally sleep on my back. Melatonin helped a lot with that. 

9. Avoid alcohol: Obviously, when you’re on pain meds you really can’t drink but I’ve seen a lot of people ask how long you should wait. Its recommended that after plastic surgery, especially something with grafts, you should avoid drinking for at least 4 weeks. This doens’t seem to be common knowledge among the community. 

10. Listen to your body and take it easy: It became a joke when I was recovering about “taking it easy” because my Mum said it to me a lot but she was right. Relax. Don’t push yourself. Don’t rush recovery. Just take it easy and listen to your body. 

September 06 2017

Preparation for Surgery




Shopping list:

(Essentials in bold if you’re money-tight, but I would seriously consider everything on this list. Obviously don’t buy what you already have)

  • Button Up Shirts or/and Zip Up Hoodies
    (easier to put on & take off due to being unable to lift arms up)
  •  Comfy sweatpants
    (easier to pull them down/up & take them off and they’re comfy^^)
  • Slippers or flipflops
    (easier to slip on and take off, which saves bending over)
  • Hats or Beanies
    (to cover that gross hair in the first week without a shower)

  • No perfume, no colour, sensitive skin soap.
    (To wash with for the next few months after surgery. ‘Simple’ is a good brand. Otherwise avoid using shower gel for 6 weeks)

  • Arnica Tablets
    (taken to help with the bruising a week before & after surgery)
  • Bio Oil & scar treatments
    (Can be applied once scars are dry and healing)

  • Vitamin C
    (Boosts immune-system and thus recovery)
  • Ginger tea (NOT GINGER TABLETS)
    (Help to stop any feeling of sickness)
  • Baby wipes / Wet Ones
    (To help keep your body clean until you can shower)
  • Laxatives
    (If you have trouble taking a shit - especially if you take Codeine)
  • First Aid Kit
    (just encase! You will be given some spare gauze and stuff though)
  • Paper Tape
    (For the dressings post op. Though you’ll get a roll after your post op appointment to put over your incisions)

  • Dry Shampoo
    (Helpin’ that hair look slightly less gross!)
  • Neck rest / travel pillow
    (Comfort when traveling back from hospital and travel in general)
  • Straws
    (makes drinking much easier & requires less arm movement)
  • Extra Pillows
    (Place these under your knees and under your head/back to elevate you while you sleep on your back! It helps)
  • The Food Doctor
    (Healthy ready meal alternatives, can be found on Amazon)
  • Green Tea and detox teas
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Plenty of water
  • Healthy home made frozen meals ready to microwave
    (Makes cooking quick and easy but still healthy)
  • Healthy snacks to munch on
    (like nut mixes, dried fruit, yogurt bars etc… rather than junk food. Your body is healing, help it along.)


House Preparation:

  • Move everything in the house to being in reach
  • Make sure you have a primary carer for the first week, especially the first three days because it will be hell on your own.
  • Find a couple of films and series you wanna watch in the first week
  • Pick out a couple of books to read
  • Tidy and clean your house/room a day or two before surgery
    (Makes everything simple and easy to move around in, also a more positive and clean environment to be in while recovering)
  • Change sheets and wash any clothes you wanna wear etc before
  • Prep your bed so you can sleep sitting up slightly, lots of pillows help!


Physical and Emotional preparation:

  • Eat healthily in the months leading up to surgery
    - Plenty of fresh fruit and veg
    - BALANCED diet at least two good meals a day
    - Plenty of water
    - Cut out processed foods, high sugars and salts
    - I recommend looking into ordering recipe boxes if you’re tight on cash/struggle to make healthy meals yourself every day.
    - Smoothies are a great time for 5 a day
    - Snack on dried fruits, nuts, yogurt biscuits instead of junk.

  • Stop smoking asap. Seriously, stop. Doesn’t matter how long until your surgery, the sooner you quit the better all round - surgery is a great motivation to quit smoking. Vape pens are a good alternative, be strict with yourself. Try to stop vaping in the month before your op or go down to 0mg of nicotine if you still need the feel of vaping/smoking. Do not vape or smoke for 2 weeks before your op. You’ll lose ur nips.

  • Stop drinking alcohol at least one month before, in my opinion giving yourself as much time away from it is much better to help detox your body and get healthy (alcohol is generally shit for you so cutting down or stopping is pretty good anyway, and surgery is a perfect excuse!)

  • Exercise. Pushups and flies will help to develop your pectoral muscle, bring down the breast size and help the surgeon place your incisions. Crunches, sittups, squats, and various exercises will help to keep the rest of your body fit and speed up your recovery (you’re gonna be recovering and potatoing for a while, get your body in a better state so it heals well and quickly). Cardio, jogging on the spot, starjumps and knees-up, gets your blood flowing, helps to get you nice and healthy for the op and recovery. Look up exercise routines on youtube!

  • Do a lot of internal reflecting and focus on your mind as well as your body. You need to psychologically prepare for surgery and that doesn’t happen over night. It’s also very difficult to do this, I really struggled to. It’s perfectly normal to feel scared, nervous, or feel like it’s a big deal, it’s a huge deal. You’re losing something that’s been there for a long time, you’re going through major surgery, and you’re finally getting something you’ve been awaiting for a long time!

  • Try not to have an ideal vision of what your chest will be like, don’t expect anything, try not to compare it to other chests, especially cis male chests. The first time you see it, it’ll look pretty rough, take it in slowly, learn to re-accept it as your own. It can take time to learn to love yourself all over again, but welcome your new chest with an open mind.


Tips and General Advice:

  • Make sure you have all your questions and concerns written down before your pre op appointment to take with you - if you have any more later or forgot to ask something, call the hospital or your surgeon’s office to ask them. Otherwise ask on the day of your op if it can wait that long.

  • Write down all the tips and advice they give you even if you don’t think you’ll forget them.

  • If you can, take a cheque in for both payments to the surgeon and the hospital on the day of your pre op appointment. This will give you plenty of time if there’s a problem with the payment and is also much easier than stressing out a few days before. Otherwise make sure you pay a week before online, so if there’s a problem you’ll have time to fix it.

  • Don’t underestimate or overestimate how big this surgery is, how much time you’ll need or how many thing’s you realistically need to buy/prepare. Obviously it would be better to overestimate as it’ll leave you more prepared, but there’s some things you just won’t need/need to do. Think carefully about yourself, your situation and how you deal with pain and how you like to be comfortable. If you forget anything you can always get it later on! So here’s some tips for that:
  1. - Write a detailed list and slowly check through it cutting down on things if you think you’ll need to. See what you can use in the house and what you’ll need to buy. Be minimalist if you’re trying to save money.
  2. - Make sure you have plenty of time booked of work/school/uni, if you go back early it’s much less of a problem than being back late.
  3. - Really take the time to research what you’re about to be put through, speak to others who’ve been in the same boat and realistically think about how you will actually be affected and how you will actually feel after surgery. This will help to stop you from having unrealistic expectations of your physical appearance and capabilities, your mentality after the op and to help stop yourself from become lazy.
  4. - Again, honestly try your best not to expect anything of your chest, try not to worry about how it will look, how the nips will be, whether the scars will be straight or narrow or whatever. Be ready to have to learn to accept your new chest however it looks. Be ready for a huge emotional change. Don’t brush off these kinds of things, they’re just as important for your healing as everything else on this list.


September 04 2017

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September 02 2017

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August 31 2017

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August 30 2017

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A Korok hero, destined to save Hyrule!

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I drew a quick chart about good wrist and finger exercise before playing Splatoon (or engaging in any other intense activity such as but not limited to gaming in general, programming, drawing, computer work etc.)
As with all stretching exercise, these should only be done in moderate speed. You only want to loosen up, not break your hands!!

… and it kinda exploded on twitter haha

This is a good thing to have explode anywhere. I did some of these and my wrist felt a ton better. I do a lot of typing and repetitive motions at work (need to do more drawing) but my right wrist is always JACKED. This is such a cute and great guide for exercises all in one place!

i write my first drafts longhand with a fountain pen. great for creativity (can’t backspace with a pen, and colorful ink makes everything better!) but hard on the hand. i’ve been doing some things sort of like this but it’s nice to have a reference sheet. i bet these would be good for avoiding knitting cramps too.



Note to Millennials from GenX:

So you know those news stories about how Millennials don’t buy enough breakfast cereal or paperback books or homes or whatever the hell that Boomers are complaining that “kids these days” don’t spend money on?  And y’all are like “LOL, no cash my pal”?  

I think there’s something more insidious going on.  You see, they thought they had you.  Forget the Saturday morning cartoons of my childhood, they had Disney Channel and Nickelodeon feeding you ads all day long.  Your generation got advertising in your schools.  Your parents took you to prosperity doctrine spewing MegaChurches (it’s Mega so it’s gotta impress the kids, right?).  

They thought you were going to be their generation of super-consumers.  

You are generations distant from the great depression, and the 1979 energy crisis.  Boomers want to pretend that the 2008 housing bubble wouldn’t affect the little kids.  And plus, we had grown past the era of Yankee thrift and hippie DIY frugality.  Right?  And there was no mopey Kurt Cobain glamorizing thrift-store flannel shirts.  You guys were going to out-consume the Boomer generation.  They were sure of it.

Those think pieces?  They’re Boomer disappointment that you have found value in something other than your place as a mindless consumer.

And yeah, I’m not going to pretend that y’all have more cash than you do.  It was fucking idiotic to think they were going to raise a consumer generation without having to pay them the money they would need to buy even life’s necessities.  And I could write a book about how my generation was complicit in destroying the old values around work and loyalty that left your generation screwed.  Really, I’m genuinely sorry for the mistakes we made.

But you guys have given a big middle finger to the generation who thought that they could manipulate you from birth into manipulable-money-spending-machines.  And I’m way fucking proud of you for that.    

always reblog the post about how millenials fucking killed capitalism

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