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October 05 2017

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its literally my favorite thing in the world when trav posts about doin his nails

September 30 2017


it really is hard not to buy pride themed stuff from corporations. it really is. I see McDonald’s putting out pride themed packaging and I Want It. I do. I want to buy something that makes me feel accepted, like I’m loved, like I’m celebrated.

But corporations do not love me. they do not accept me. they do not celebrate me. they love money, they celebrate profit. that is all we are to them. and that is the truth.

I know it’s hard not to buy these things but remember where these corporations stand. they support and partner with police. they are #bluelivesmatter and #alllivesmatter. they support politicians that would send us to conversion therapy given the chance. they allow us to be fired for our gender and sexuality. they are not here for us. they are here for our money.

September 29 2017

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Hello Tumblr. My name is Alex. I identify as FTM Transgender and I survived EX gay conversion therapy. I’m here to tell my story- A while back in 2011 for my 11th grade year of high school, my mother sent me to a Christian private school called Calvary Chapel. That was bad enough on its own with the constant states and remarks, being accused and disciplined for acts I didn’t do, and rebelling against the uniform code to wear pants instead of a skirt. Calvary Chapel was a bad enough place on its own but I also soon came to find out they held ex gay conversion therapy there courtesy of Exodus International, a cult which luckily closed its doors a couple years back because the main man admitted he still likes dudes. Let me put it out there that I like women and was out as lesbian at the time, but secretly I identified as Trans because If I had come out as Trans to my family I would probably be DEAD. So my mother literally tricks me, tells me we’re going out to eat and then instead takes me to my school. I knew what was up so I started to run. She chased after me grabbed me, held me down and dragged me into the conference room, and said “you better change your disgusting sinner ways” and left me there with this older blonde woman staring at me. I had no idea what the hell was happening so I said “where am I!?” The women said “you’re going to be converted to being straight by me, your mentor. Your mother thought it would be best to put you in gay conversion therapy” immediately I rose up and screamed “I was FORCED to go here you can’t make me!” The women said “your parents have every right to bring you here and there is no law stating they can’t they’re doing what’s best for you and your soul.” By that time I was about freaked out and ready to go, but instead I broke down crying my eyes out for the rest of the session basically staying silent otherwise. Future appointments consisted of me going straight to therapy after Christian school. Hiding my face incase anyone knew where I was going. Therapy was starting to shame me. Normal every day therapy would be starting out reading a verse from the bible, reciting it three times and asking God for my forgiveness. Then we would go over my conversion homework (which I will get into later), then she would make me lay down on a table while she prayed over me. She would ask me things like “have you had any lesbian urges?” “What do you think God thinks of those?” “What will happen if you act on those urges?” Afterwards she would sit me down in front of a computer and make me watch some type of hypnotism therapy. Daily, it was over and over “you will go to hell if you are gay” “why would you want to live the gay lifestyle” it also literally looked like hypnotism on the screen, not only that but the women would hypnotize me herself, which is partially why I’m having trouble recollecting my memories of this. A lot of it I blacked out during. Onto the homework. The homework consisted of huge pamphlets that I would have to read every day. All of stories of gay people who fell to their sin, or people who successfully “became straight”. After every story I would have to answer a page of questions such as, “what should John have done to control his homosexual urges” and “what would you have done in his situation” “WHY is homosexuality a sin and what will happen if you act on it” being as scared as I was at the time it actually started getting to me. For a while I rebelled and wrote “nothing nothing nothing” or “homosexuality isn’t a sin” but eventually I became afraid, the “therapy” started “working” and I wrote things like “I will go hell” “that character died and became a drug addict because they were gay” “that character went to college and got married because they were straight” and so on. One time I asked the woman who was counseling me, “have you ever been gay?” She gave me a long look and said, “never tell anyone.” “I used to be a lesbian but now I’m married.” I said, “have you ever even kissed a girl?” She said “no”. Right then she lost credibility to me that and it was sad. After every session she would make me read from the bible the verse where it says something like “nor the murderers, adulterers, or homosexuals, ect will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Don’t you like my word for word quote? Lol But seriously halfway through the year I hauled my ass out of there and stopped going because it started to have effects on me negatively. I became more suicidal, and the effects still last on me to this day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night crying to my girlfriend asking her if I’m going to go to hell. I’m tied down by religion because I’m afraid of going to hell. This stuff did some serious damage to me, and although it might not be as bad as some of the stories out there I wanted to give people a look into what leelah alcorns life may have been like. When I heard of her passing I thought “that was me”. That’s why I want to put an end to conversion therapy! I need leelahs law to be passed! Please share my story. I want as many people to know the horrors and dangers of conversion therapy as possible.


September 28 2017


it really bothers me how trans men are constantly left out in the conversation about the aids epidemic, as if we aren’t susceptible to aids bc we’re afab

among transgender advocates, the only gay trans man i can think of is lou sullivan, who openly challenged organizations like the APA after telling him he couldn’t transition bc he was attracted to men

and i bring him up bc lou sullivan changed the way we view the sexuality of trans ppl, bc he was unabashedly gay while also being trans, and he died of aids in 1991. and nobody ever discusses him. no one ever talks like him.

the healthcare system has always viewed gay trans men as nothing but heterosexual women until 1986. and while they were viewing us as straight women, we were living as gay men, having sex as gay men.

gay trans men contracted aids. how many? i don’t know, bc the CDC didn’t count gay trans men as gay men. they were straight women. they didn’t fit the mold, as horribly racist, homophobic, transmisogynistic, and ableist as it already was.

lou sullivan is the only piece of gay trans men history i can find, and he died of aids. it’s time to stop accepting the deliberate misgendering from institutions pathologizing and killing us and question why gay trans people continue to be absent from lgbt history.

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The Winnipeg Tribune, Manitoba, November 19, 1938

September 26 2017

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African Literature That You May (or may not) Find In The LGBT Section Of Your Local Book Store

1. Africa After Gender? - Catherine M. Cole, Takyiwaa Manuh, and Stephan F. Miescher

2. African Sexualities A Reader - Sylvia Tamale

3. RECLAIMING THE L-WORD: Sappho’s Daughters out in Africa - Alleyn Diesel

4. Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa: Rethinking Homophobia and Forging Resistance (African Arguments) - Marc Epprecht

5. Queer Africa - Karen Martin, Makhosazana Xaba 

6: Homosexuality in Africa: A Disturbing Love - Bart Luirink, Madeleine Maurick · Aspekt B. V., Uitgeverij

7. Sexual Diversity in Africa -  S.N. Nyeck, Marc Epprecht 

8. Under Pressure. The Regulation of Sexualities in South African Secondary Schools - Deevia Bhana

9. Hungochani, Second Edition: The History of a Dissident Sexuality in Southern Africa - Marc Epprecht


Dearest Queer Person,

Chances are you don’t even know that you are holy, or royal or magic, but you are. You are part of an adoptive family going back through every generation of human existence.

You are normal. You are not a creation of the modern age. Your identity is not a ‘trend’ or a ‘fad.’ Almost every country has a recorded history of people whose identities and behaviors bear close resemblance to what we’d today call bisexuality, homosexuality, transgender identity, intersexuality, asexuality and more. Remember: the way Western culture today has constructed gender and sexuality is not the way it’s always been.

— Sarah Prager, “Every LGBTQ+ Person Should Read This” (via liminalwitchcraft)

September 25 2017

To anyone planning on taking T in the future:


I don’t want to discourage you in any way, but I want to emphasize the importance in telling your doctor the truth about your medical history. Because of the nature of testosterone, you are at greater risk for heart problem, liver problems, blood clots, and other serious things, especially if you have them in your family history. I strongly encourage you to talk to your family about their medical history. Even if you don’t want to tell them it’s for hormones, it’s always good to know. A few things you should ask about include:

  • Heart problems
  • Liver problems
  • If anyone has ever had blood clots
  • Strokes
  • Cholesterol
  • Cancer (especially ovarian/uterine/breast) (p.s. mention if you have had the Gardasil shot)
  • Disorders related to ovaries/uterus (such as polycystic ovaries or whatever)
  • Diabetes
  • Calcium or iron deficiency (or any kind really)
  • Anything else they think is necessary for you to know

PLEASE tell your doctor the whole truth. If you do have a medical history, they will not discourage you from taking T, they will just manage your dosage and you may have to be extra cautious with certain aspects of your life. The blood work can only tell your doctor so much, so please don’t lie to your doctor.


all right guys here it is THE BIG GAY ANIMAL SEX POST

or in other words, “Why Nonhuman Homosexual and Asexual Behavior has both Survival and Reproductive Benefits” aka that lit review i’d like to write if i could ever be arsed to get around to it

yes reproductive benefits you heard correctly we’re gonna get there but first we better do a basic rundown of what I mean by homosexual/asexual behaviors


Keep reading

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Widely considered the photo that changed the face of AIDS: A father comforts his son, David Kirby, on his deathbed in Ohio. Published in LIFE magazine, November 1990. Photo by Therese Frare. 

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Mary Mallon is far better known by the nickname she earned n the press when she infected multiple families that she worked for with typhoid fever. ‘Typhoid Mary’ was the name given to her by the media during her first forcible quarantine that lasted a period of 3 years. She had been working as a chef and had very low standards of hygiene, reportedly claiming she did not know why she needed to wash her hands as she was not ill. Mary was in fact an asymptomatic carrier of the typhus bacteria, meaning that while she appeared physically healthy she was spreading the deadly bacteria wherever she went. 

After her first period of quarantine Mary was permitted to be released on the basis that she no longer work as chef and seek employment in a job that would not facilitate the spread of the disease. She agreed to this and managed to work as a laundress for several years, but eventually changed her name and returned to her previous occupation., Once again typhoid fever began to spread, but Mary continuously changed her name in order to avoid being apprehended by the authorities.

Mary was eventually tracked down when she started a severe outbreak of typhoid fever in Sloane Hospital for Women, where two people died as a result of the disease. Once she was apprehended she was sent to Riverside Hospital, where she would spend the rest of her life. On her death from pneumonia an autopsy was carried out and live typhoid bacteria was discovered in gallbladder. 

Reposted bySenyiacrispybones
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How cool is this?!

Here’s a link to a news article and some videos about production (posted before the film was released)

Their Moana is very talented, and their Maui is a local newscaster whose daughters made him audition!

Rachel House still voices Grandma Tala, Temuera Morrison still voices the Chief, and Jemaine Clement still voices Tamatoa.

Rob Ruha and Jemaine Clement translated and rearranged the music so that the songs still worked while sung in a different language, which is super impressive.

Also: Air New Zealand will feature the Maori version on their in flight entertainment starting in November!

Miss Jorgensen was the first transsexual in the United States to publicly announce her change of sexual identity. Rather than withdraw from public attention, she turned the notoriety to her advantage with a series of lucrative tours on the lecture and nightclub circuit. Her nightclub act featured the theme song, “I Enjoy Being a Girl.”
New York Times obituary for Christine Jorgensen who died in 1989 (via stuffmomnevertoldyou)
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Christine Jorgensen circa ‘1954
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Transgender icon Christine Jorgensen, photographed c. 1952.

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Magnus Hirschfeld (1868 -1935)

Founder of the Institute for Sexual Research ( Institut für Sexualwissenschaft ),coined the term “transexualism” and an early advocate for gay and transgender rights. His institute was a safe haven for transgender people were medical attention was given free and the staff all inclusive. His institute that also housed a Museum of Sex and massive educational library that was open for use to the public were seized by the Nazis. His public library and records were burnt and lost during the now famous Nazi book-burning.

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Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld was an early researcher in the field of sexology founding an institute in 1919 dedicated to the study of human sexuality. Hirschfeld became an early advocate of rights for gay and transgender people. At that time, gay sex was was considered a crime under Paragraph 175. (which incidentally wasn’t stricken from the German legal code until 1994.)  He published books, pamphlets and provided counseling. He wrote and appeared in the silent classic, Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others) often cited as the first gay themed film.  

In 1933 his institute was ransacked by the Nazis and his priceless archives were destroyed. 

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld was a social, political and scientific pioneer who led a very colourful life and contributed much to the culture.

Photo: Magnus Hirschfeld and two cross-dressers, outside the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin.


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The Institute of Sexology (Institut für Sexualwissenschaft) in Berlin, Germany. Headed by Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. The institute advocated sex education, contraception, the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and women’s emancipation, and was a pioneer worldwide in the call for civil rights and social acceptance for homosexual and transgender people.

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The First Gay Rights Movie, Destroyed By The Nazis

Different From the Others”, begins with a concert violinist infatuated with a young student and ends with blackmail and suicide. In between there are visits to bars and brothels, brawls in swanky digs, creepy shakedowns and a cameo by Oscar Wilde. It  opened in the summer of 1919 to sold-out houses across Germany.

But as much as some critics and audiences took to the film, others found it indecent, un-watchable. There were catcalls at some screenings; at others, riots and walkouts. It wasn’t just that the two romantic leads were men. The film also had the audacity to claim that homophobia, not homosexuality, was a scourge of society. The following year, censors banned “Different From the Others” throughout Germany, claiming that the film could endanger public safety or turn impressionable youths gay. When the Nazis came to power, they destroyed every copy they could find. In doing so, what many consider the world’s first feature film to showcase sympathetic gay characters and themes was lost.

Every trace of the film might still be lost today if not for Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, who both appeared in the film as himself and was the film’s co-writer and resident sexologist. In 1927, Hirschfeld yanked 40 minutes of footage from the original film, scrambled the order of scenes and inserted them into his own feature, “Laws of Love”.

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